Our Mission

A&P Technologies LLC is dedicated to the highest quality of technology repair delivered with understanding, care and trust

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Our Story

A&P Technologies was founded in 2013 by two aspiring tech enthusiasts with a dream to offer computer repair services at affordable prices. The dream then spread into offering video surveillance installation at an affordable price. Unfortunately, the dream never came to fruition until 2021 when the two founders decided it was time to make the dream a reality.  

About the Founders

David's passion for computers started with "frankensteining" two computers into one. Which then turned into building a computer from the ground up and later working on friends and family's computers. After some time David started working for a computer shop, then went running a mobile device repair shop. Now he is pushing the A&P dream onwards. 

Kameron's passion for computers started in school when he first learned about all the different components. Being that he already enjoyed tearing stuff apart and putting it back together computers fit right into his interests. He then went on to do computer work for friends and family and eventually started working as an IT Technician for a couple of different companies. Now he is pushing the A&P dream onward.