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With over 20 years of combined experience, we offer professional computer repair, data destruction, and eco-friendly electronic recycling services at affordable prices. You can rest assured that your repairs and installs will be done right and not break the bank.

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Explore the A&P Technologies Store for a range of recycled tech products and branded merchandise. Every purchase supports sustainability. Shop now and make a positive impact!

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Computer Repair


Discover our comprehensive range of services at A&P Technologies, including computer repair, data destruction, mobile device repair. Trust our experienced team for all your tech needs. 


Electronic Recycling

Electronic Recycling

At A&P Technologies, we're committed to environmentally responsible electronic recycling. Dispose of your old electronics safely and sustainably with our expert recycling services.


A&P Background

A&P Technologies is dedicated to providing top-notch, professional repair services, data destruction, and electronic recycling. We ensure that your tech needs are met efficiently and affordably.

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About the Founders

David Allen, CEO

David's journey with computers began by merging two machines into one, a process he fondly calls "frankensteining." This early experimentation evolved into a passion for building computers from scratch and providing technical support to friends and family. With a wealth of experience gained from working in computer shops and running a successful mobile device repair business, David is now dedicated to driving forward the A&P dream of providing affordable tech services.

Kameron Putnam

Kameron Putnam, CEO

Kameron's fascination with computers ignited during his school years, where he delved into learning about the intricacies of various components. Combining his natural inclination for disassembling and reassembling things with his newfound passion for computers, he quickly found his niche. Transitioning from assisting friends and family with their computer needs to working as an IT Technician for multiple companies, Kameron brings a wealth of technical expertise to the A&P team as they strive to realize their dream.